Rebecca Stringer (2007)

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Rebecca Stringer was two and a half when she was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (12 October 2005).

Her condition puzzled doctors and unfortunately she was diagnosed late. She was treated with high risk chemotherapy for six months and was in remission and well on the road to recovery.

On 3 July 2007 the doctor told Sarah and Jurgen Stringer that Rebecca had relapsed. The only way for her to be healed was to find a bone marrow stem cell donor and undergo a transplant, urgently.

The chances of finding a bone marrow stem cell donor match is 1:100 000 and the South African Bone Marrow Registry currently sits at over 63 000 donors. Her family readily took on the challenge of getting as many people as possible to register as potential bone marrow stem cell donors for Rebecca and other patients like her. They enlisted the help of the media and their local community in KZN. Within a few weeks Rebecca had found her potentially life saving bone marrow stem cell donor. Not only had Rebecca found a donor in such a short space of time but she had found a local donor on the South African Bone Marrow Registry.

In the weeks that followed, Rebecca and her family prepared to move to Cape Town so that her treatment could be overseen at Groote Schuur hospital. Before she could undergo her transplant she had extensive Radiation treatment. On 10 October 2007 Rebecca received her bone marrow stem cell transplant and on Friday, 9 November she was discharged from hospital.

Rebecca was given a clean bill of health and the family left for the UK on 28 May 2008 where Jurgen has started his new job.

Rebecca is a testimony to the work of The Sunflower Fund. The more donors who are recruited for the SABMR, the higher the chances are of finding matching donors for other patients like Rebecca.

You could have the ability to give another child like Rebecca a chance at a normal life. Become a bone marrow stem cell donor today.