Awareness Talks and sponsored drives

DKMS is the premier organisation recruiting stem cell donors in Southern Africa. According to the 2015 revision of the UN World Population prospects key findings, Africa’s share of the global population is projected to grow to 25 per cent in 2050, notwithstanding individuals living on other continents with African ancestry.

Research shows that the genetic ‘distances’ between African populations are greater than those observed between European populations. This genetic diversity in African populations poses practical challenges for the transplantation medical community to find HLA matched unrelated donors for patients in need of life-saving stem cell transplants.

Recruiting from a broader donor pool and actively maintaining a registry of committed donors increases the opportunity for search and match optimisation. As such, we are excited about the partnerships we are building to expand our recruitment footprint thereby increasing a patient’s chance of finding a match and making it to transplant.

You can partner with us by

  • Inviting DMKS to do an awareness talk at your office, school, campus, church, wellness day.
  • Expand your wellness programme and sponsor a donor drive for staff of your organisation that are eligible to register.
  • You can also sponsor a public donor drive in a community of interest to your organisation.

For more information about awareness talks or sponsored donor drives contact Shamaa Sheik: 021 701 0661 /


Formerly known as The Sunflower Fund